Poverty and Human Development Monitoring Agency (PHDMA) has been implementing / implemented various Programmes / Projects with support from DFID, UN Agencies, World Bank, Planning Commission and State Government. The Programmes / Projects implemented are:

DFID: Strengthening PHDMA and NGO Studies

Assistance from DFID was availed for establishing and strengthening PHDMA. PHDMA has been established and functioning in the Annex Building of P & C Department in the State Secretariat of Odisha, India.

A Thematic Study on “Voluntary Organization Sector in the State of Orissa” was taken up as per recommendations of the Civil Society Task Force. Workshops on GoO – NGO Study and Mapping the Size of Voluntary Sector in Orissa and its Impact on Orissa’s Economy, and development of a regulatory framework for strengthening partnership between Government and Voluntary Sector for better convergence between Civil Society, Government and common people at large were organised.

UNDP: Strengthening State Plans for Human Development (SSPHD)

Implemented the project “Strengthening State Plans for Human Development” an intiative of Planning Commission, Government of India (GoI) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Under this project, District Human Development Reports (DHDRs) for the four selected districts of Odisha, i.e., Ganjam, Kalahandi, Kandhmal, and Mayurbhanj has been prepared. The following activities were also taken up / facilitated under SSPHD Project by PHDMA.

  • Officials from Planning and Coordination Department and Collectors have been trained on Human Development by College of Agricultural Banking (CAB), Pune
  • Training programme organised for Officials of Planning & Coordination Department, Directorate of Health, and Directorate of Economics and Statistics on “District Level Vital Statistics (Demography)” at IIPS, Mumbai
  • Training programme on “Advanced Statistical Techniques” using software package “SYSTAT 12.0” was organized for Technical Officers of Planning & Coordination Department and Directorate of Economics and Statistics
  • A Gender Cell was established in Women & Child Development Department, Government of Odisha
  • A report on People’s Audit of Health, Education and Livelihood (PAHELI) survey has been prepared
  • A study on “Impact Assessment of Microcredit in Alleviating Poverty of Rural Poor in Kalahandi District” was made
  • A documentary film on Food Security entitled “Green Summer” by IIFT, Pune was prepared
  • Training / Workshop on Human Development and Gender Budgeting organized at the state and selected district/sub distric level

UNDP: Public Private Community Partnership (PPCP) Project

The objective of this Programme is to bring private and community organizations together to expedite development process and create sustainable production and opportunities for local people and implemented in Ganjam district of Odisha with UNDP support.

  • District level workshops were held at Chatrapur, Ganjam to sensitize various stakeholders including UNDP, District Administration, NABARD and Civil Society Organizations regarding formulation of Public Private Community Partnership (PPCP) Plan
  • The Fishery and Floriculture plans have been formulated and implemented in Ganjam district in PPCP mode with support from district administration and other stake holders

Evaluation of Revised Long Term Action Plan (RLTAP) Programmes

Evaluation studies of schemes / programmes implemented under RLTAP in KBK districts has been undertaken under this programme. Evaluation of the following Programmes were taken up through third party independent organizations.

  • Mid-Day-Meal and Emergency Feeding Programme
  • Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Development of Poultry & Diary, Organisation of Veterinary Health Camps, Heat Induction Camps, De-warming Camps and Marketing of Milk
  • Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicine and Herbal Garden Scheme
  • Economic Plantation, VSS and NTFP
  • Development of Handicraft and KVI
  • Development of Sericulture and Handloom
  • Diversification of Agriculture Crops, Value addition, Marketing- Opening of Additional Sales Centres, Seed exchange, Supply of Power Tillers to SC/ST farmers, Estt. of Agro-service centre
  • Micro-credit help to Women SHGs,
  • Biju Krushak Vikas Yojana
  • Watershed Development and Coffee Plantation
  • MHU and Primary Health Delivery Syatem
  • Stipend / Scholarship for SC/ST girls and 40 seated hostels
  • Special Nutrition Programme and ICDS
  • Intensive coaching program to SC/ST student of KBK district to join in Technical Courses such as IIT, Regional Technical Institutes

Additional Central Assistance (ACA): Capacity Building & Monitoring

Following activities were taken up under this assistance:

  • Colloquium on “Agriculture Sector for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction” was organized to discuss “Strategies for Reviving Agriculture for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction”
  • Workshop on “Expenditure Tracking Studies” was held to assess the findings of the two studies on “The Supplementary Nutrition Programme in Orissa” and “The Sampoorna Grameen Rojgar Yojana in Orissa”
  • Regional Workshop was organized at Koraput district of Odisha on “Formulation of an integrated District Plan for KBK Districts”

World Bank: Orissa Fund for Development Initiative (OFFDI)

A pilot programme “Orissa Fund for Development Initiative (OFFDI)” was conceived in the beginning of 2005 with support from Japan Social Development Fund managed by the World Bank. This initiative was implemented by PHDMA in association with Textiles & Handloom Department and Forest & Environment Department of the State Government. The pilot programme aimed at providing sustainable livelihoods to the poor and vulnerable households through propagation of medicinal plants and handloom and sericulture development activities. The programme was implemented in seven selected districts of Odisha included Angul, Bargarh, Cuttack, Deogarh, Ganjam, Keonjhar, and Sudargarh.

Decentralized Planning

This initiative was taken up to facilitate preparation of District Plans including Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan for all 30 districts and BRGF Plans for all 20 districts of the State with support from Planning & Coordination Department, Agriculture Department and Panchayati Raj Department.

The following activities have been under taken:

  • A State Level Workshop on Preparation of District Plans including Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan (CDAP), NREGA Plan and Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF) Plan was organized at Bhubaneswar to sensitize Technical Support Institutions, District Level Officers and concerned Departments
  • Workshop on District Planning and Convergence for District and State level Officials of line Departments and Technical Support Institutions (TSIs) was organized at Bhubaneswar
  • District Five Year Plan: 2008-2013, Annual Plans: 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, Vision Document, BRGF Plan, NREGA Plan and Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan have been prepared
  • The District Five Year Plan: 2012-2017 and Annual Plans: 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 have also been prepared.
  • A brief summary of District Plans of all 30 districts has been incorporated in the State Annual Plan documents.

UN:Joint Programme on Convergence

Government of India (GoI) and United Nations (UN) have undertaken a joint programme called United Nations Joint Programme on Convergence (UNJPC) with the aim to enhance the effectiveness of development through strengthening the District Planning system. The pilot initiative has been implemented, with support from UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA, in Sundargarh district

Under this programme, the following activities have been taken up:

  • Preparation of District Human Development Report (DHDR) for Sundargarh District
  • New initiative has been under taken on Change Management to Foster Convergence in Sundargarh District
  • Series of workshops on Change Management and a training on Gender Sub-Plan were also organized at Sundergarh
  • Training programmes were organized for State and District Level Officers on “Use of Demographic Data for District Planning” through Indian Institution of Population Scince(IIPS), Mumbai
  • Training of State and District Level officials on Results Based Management was organized
  • Provided technical support to District Administration of the 5 selected districts by strengthening District Planning and Monitoring Units ( DPMUs) with IT infrastructure and other support for various data analysis
  • Computer Network infrastructure installed at Regional Institute of Applied Economics and Statistics (RIPAES), BhubaneswarL to facilitate their training and capacity building programmes

Revision of Odisha Economic Survey

PHDMA has assisted Planning & Coordination Department for revision of Odisha Economic Survey: 2009-2010, 2010-11, 2011-2012 and 2012-13

Our Focus Area

  • Human Development
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation of Programmes
  • Livelihood
  • Poverty Tracking
  • Research Studies

DHDR Summary

A Poverty Reduction Action

PHDMA has made an effort to reduce poverty by way of demonstrating alternative livelihoods options for poor and vulnerable people of Odisha through a pilot livelihood model “Odisha Fund for Development Initiative (OFFDI)”. This programme created noticeable impact on living standards of the targeted poor weaver communities and gatherers of non-timber forest products of Odisha. More...

Innovative Efforts

Shri Prafulla Meher of Bandhapali, Bargarh district, innovated an advanced power driven machine to enhance capabilities of weavers in winding yarns. This saves a lot of working time and also helps raise their income. This initiative was supported by PHDMA under OFFDI. More...