PHDMA an autonomous agency of Government of Odisha aims at strengthening poverty and human development monitoring system and developing pro-poor programme / projects.

We Aim At

  • Building capacities within the State Government for tracking progress of poverty reduction, monitoring human development indicators and attaining of Millennium Development Goals.
  • Evaluating the implementation of poverty reduction / development programmes / projects.
  • Undertaking research and provide consultancy services to different stakeholders / user groups in areas of poverty and human development.
  • Commissioning relevant studies and examining various issues / concerns that impact poverty and human development.
  • Collecting national and international best practices with regard to poverty reduction and improved quality of life.
  • Generating usable knowledge and disseminating the same to different line Departments / stakeholders to improve policy regime and programme designs
  • Forging closer links with civil society organizations / voluntary sector and assisting the State Government in developing appropriate policy framework and institutional arrangements.
  • Training and Capacity Building of the officials of Planning Machinery, DES and other associates.


  1. Generating usable knowledge and disseminate the same to different line departments / stakeholders with a view to improving policy regime and programme designs.
  2. Identifying key indicators for the purpose of Poverty and Human Development Monitoring and inclusion of new indicators or modification of the existing indicators with involvement of the concerned line Departments / Experts.
  3. Creating a disaggregated database on Poverty and Human Development indicators.
  4. Publishing periodical bulletins as regards Poverty and Human Development Indicators and also publish the State level, Regional level and District level Human Development Reports at regular intervals.
  5. Seeking, receiving and managing funds / grants from different sources including the State Government, Government of India, Financial Institutions / DFID / UNDP / World Bank and other external donors.
  6. Operating a Funds Account in a Public Sector Bank or Institutional Based Bank for maintaining an account of the funds received from various sources for the specified purpose.
  7. Undertaking such activities and functions that will help to achieve its aims and objectives.
  8. Extending support to different cells / sections of P & C Department.
  9. Exercising such other functions and powers as may be assigned to the Agency by the State Government.
  10. Devising its own rules of business and procedures for expeditious and effective functioning of the Poverty and Human Development Monitoring System in Odisha.


Our Focus Area

  • Human Development
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation of Programmes
  • Livelihood
  • Poverty Tracking
  • Research Studies

DHDR Summary

A Poverty Reduction Action

PHDMA has made an effort to reduce poverty by way of demonstrating alternative livelihoods options for poor and vulnerable people of Odisha through a pilot livelihood model “Odisha Fund for Development Initiative (OFFDI)”. This programme created noticeable impact on living standards of the targeted poor weaver communities and gatherers of non-timber forest products of Odisha. More...

Innovative Efforts

Shri Prafulla Meher of Bandhapali, Bargarh district, innovated an advanced power driven machine to enhance capabilities of weavers in winding yarns. This saves a lot of working time and also helps raise their income. This initiative was supported by PHDMA under OFFDI. More...