Core Team

The core team of PHDMA includes the following:

Sl. No.  Name Designation 
1. Shri Suresh Ch. Mahapatra, IAS Development Comissioner -cum-
Additional Chief Secretary and President, PHDMA
2. Shri Gopabandhu Satpathy, IAS Special Secretary
and Member Secretary, PHDMA  
3. Shri B. C. Dehury Chief Accounts Officer
4.  Shri C. S. Tripathy   Deputy Director (Monitoring) 
5.  Shri B. K. Sahu  System analyst / IT specialist 
6.  Dr. S. S. Misra  Poverty Specialist 
7.  Dr. M. Das  Economist 
8 Ms. N. Mohapatra  Budget Analyst 
9 Dr. R. Chellan  Social Researcher, PHDMA (UNICEF) 

Our Focus Area

  • Human Development
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation of Programmes
  • Livelihood
  • Poverty Tracking
  • Research Studies

DHDR Summary

A Poverty Reduction Action

PHDMA has made an effort to reduce poverty by way of demonstrating alternative livelihoods options for poor and vulnerable people of Odisha through a pilot livelihood model “Odisha Fund for Development Initiative (OFFDI)”. This programme created noticeable impact on living standards of the targeted poor weaver communities and gatherers of non-timber forest products of Odisha. More...

Innovative Efforts

Shri Prafulla Meher of Bandhapali, Bargarh district, innovated an advanced power driven machine to enhance capabilities of weavers in winding yarns. This saves a lot of working time and also helps raise their income. This initiative was supported by PHDMA under OFFDI. More...